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Serenity Spoilers

we aim to misbehave.

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Welcome to the Serenity Spoilers community! We're here for info, rumors, gossip, and spoilers on the BDM. Not for the spoiler-free of heart. Come in, gossip, pull up a seat and have some Mudder's Milk or Kaylee's wine.

Now, how long until September?

Some Simple Rules:

rule #1: All opinions welcome.
This is not a slasher comm. Nor is it a shipper comm. Nor is it a noromo comm. It is a comm for spoilers and any attendant conversations that ensue. Simple. You have a comment about Serenity? Post it. Squee. Speculate.

rule #1a: No flames will be tolerated.
We will allow anonymous replies until the moment the discourse becomes uncivil. Disagreement is fine; trolling, not so much. For example: "That pairing? How'd you get to *that* conclusion?" is fine. "The fact that you ship those two characters means you're a freak and an idiot" isn't.
rule #1 supplemental: Don't piss skrip off. She holds a grudge like nobody's business, and nothing pisses her off more than intolerance. Be nice.

rule #2: All intial posts should be cut tagged with a short description of content—nothing spoilery in the text post, please. Warn us for explicit language, het, gen, or slash content, speculation, etc. etc. etc. Dong ma?
How to do an LJ-cut:
<lj-cut text="your description here"> Your post goes here. </lj-cut>
Copy and paste and memorize. It will save you lots of pain. Really.

rule #3: Please use some semblance of proper English.
We're not going to smack you if you can't spell everything correctly (although we may wince and have to hold back) and a misplaced comma isn't going to get you banned. But if you can't be bothered to try why should we bother to read?

rule #4: Fanfic and Fanart posts.
Okay. You may be inspired. Feel free to either post a link here or the whole kit 'n kaboodle. Either way, please follow our format:
Fic Header:

The fic itself should go under a cut tag.

Icon Posts:
No more than three icons as a teaser. The remainder should go under a cut tag. Please ask the icon maker before using an icon posted.

Larger Fanart:
Cut tag unless it's really small (under 100K and 300x200 px). Put a description in the cut tag.


Lovingly and greedily co-modded by the absolutely gorgeous, brilliant and sexy blueraccoon, kernelm, and skripka. Trust me. We are. *g* Oh, and modest. Very, very modest.