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Raffle Winners! [Nov. 8th, 2006|10:37 am]
Serenity Spoilers


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Congratulations to

1) Mandy Rawlins - Mandy won the Serenity Fish t-shirt, T G Freight notepad and stickers, a Serenity Keychain and Button, as well as Firefly and Serenity base sets (generously donated by Inkworks).

2) Linda Russel - Linda won Firefly and Serenity base sets (generously donated by Inkworks), the Serenity Widescreen Edition DVD, and a "Support our BDHs" car magnet.

3) Mark Newton - Mark won the Firefly Complete Series box set, a Captain Malcolm Reynold's Action Figure (donated by Richard's Collectibles of Greenville, SC and a Serenity Zippo.

Big thanks go out to everyone who came to the movie, bought raffle tickets and donated to our cause. We don't have an exact amount right now, but we have earned more than $800 to be donated to Equality Now.